How about some circus skills for kids?

There’s more to circus work than meets the eye. Full of opportunities to learn new skills and explore creativity, the circus is a breeding ground for new and fun ideas. 

Lucy Lost-it from Circus for Schools is not only an engaging circus for schools performer and qualified teacher’s assistant.

she also has a degree in Early Years Childhood Studies and a Foundation degree in Circus and Physical Theatre. 

Every session is designed to allow children of all abilities to learn new skills at their own pace.

With many activities requiring teamwork and cooperation, what better setting to promote effective communication whilst putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Lucy loves to get children active, and once the session starts they lead the way.

Having an environment where they can exercise critical thinking and their own unique sense of creativity is a wonderful experience for any child.

Circus skills via circus for schools can even contribute to the Early Learning Goals as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which allows every child to set and achieve their own personal goals.

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